Some hostages are free now ... God is good 👍 🙏 God is good 👍 🙏
Please join in prayer for the rest of the hostages to be free and alive and protected and restored 🙏 🙌 ❤️
Thank you
I am so so so thankful to the Lord for answering prayers! For His mercy over hostages and His grace ✨️ ❤️ 🙏
So thankful 🙏 💓 🙌
Some hostages are freed Thank God! Would you please continue to pray for the rest of them to be safe and free!
God is good!!!
Beloved thank you for praying 🙏 50 hostages to be freed (news from Paul Begley)
Keep praying please the prayer of a rightness man can do much
Please pray for hostages (kids). It is horrible what they are going through. Please increase your intensity of prayer 🙏
They have been held for more than a month now
Let's join everyone in prayer for their safety, rescue, recovery 🙏 ❤️
May God bless you
I love you, O LORD, my strength. (Psalm 18:1, ESV)