When we talk about raptures, we need to focus on primogeniture in Bible, especially in new testimony. Maybe somebody asks, this Only happened in the old testimony, will it really happen in the newtestimony? The answer is sure. Here i briefly mention it. Primogeniture in the old testimony includes double land, kingship, priesthood! In new testimony it includes the whole land belongs to Christ, this is the prime condition before setting up a new Kingdom, the second one is the Boy born by the woman, it stands for the Kinggship/ group overcomers, the last is the group of wearing white linen/priesthood.If you know this, you can understand the raptures easier. The first rapture is sure to happen for the Firstfruits Rel 14:1 to 5,God will get back His property of land /the Whole earth, it will happen before tribulation; the second rapture will happen for the Boy raptured in the middle of the last seven years, in order to fulfill the kingship, the last time is the end of the last seven years, All died under altars and were killed by the anti-christ in the last half of the last seven years and all believers died before Christ Jesus coming back, this including after tribulation  Christian  who will still live on earth. It has THREE times raptures in Bible.
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