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The Rapture
Asleep in my bed, all safe and sound
I wake up with a start.
The skies are lit up like mid-day
As the Heavens soon split apart.
Wake up! I must be dreaming!
I see Angels with their Heavenly Harp.
I hear trumpets announcing the coming.
I can’t still the beating of my frantic heart.
In an instant, my body is transformed
Into this glorious body of light.
All around me, these souls are gleaming
And soaring through this strange night.
I look down, at the earth below me
And see hundreds…no - millions more
I see graves opened up and empty
As their occupants to Heaven soar.
I look up and my eyes behold
A glorious and wondrous sight
It is My Lord! My King, My Savior
Beckoning to me through this strange night.
Yes! It is my Master
And He is calling on me!
His promises fulfilled, He waits
For me to join Him in eternity.
My journey is finally over
And I’m resting on clouds so soft.
I look around, at all those surrounding,
all the others who’ve been lifted aloft.
I see faces of those who have gone before
Beaming with a love so pure.
Welcoming me into this place called Heaven
Making me feel so safe and secure.
Could this be the day for which we’ve been waiting?
Could this be the promised event?
The day Jesus comes to claim His Bride
The day that He is sent
To claim His Bride from the earth below,
No more to feel hunger or pain.
To rescue us from our daily woes
And feel His Love wash over us again.
There He is! Right before us
Welcoming us with open arms.
A smile on His face as He greets us
By name and protects us from all harm.
But now, I hear the dogs barking.
I hear the rustling of the covers on the bed.
I feel the warmth of the sheets over me.
And the softness of the pillow where I lay my head.
Yes, this was a dream
But, OH!, it seemed so real!
I could hear the Heavenly Choir
The wind rushing past, I could feel.
I saw Jesus standing before me
I saw the Love and Mercy on His face.
As He beckoned me ever forward.
To come closer and closer to this place.
I wept as my eyes closed and
the tears drench my pillow through.
Oh, Lord! Please let this be real
Let me spend eternity with You.
Are you ready to be rescued?
Are you ready to be lifted up?
For your body transformed in an instant
And your lips to partake of this cup?
If not, there’s no time to waste.
This moment draws ever near.
In a blink of an eye, all will change
As we see our Lord standing there.
Just confess to Him all your sins.
Let Him heal your heart, so lost.
He is calling your name, even now.
He has already paid the cost.
-    Susan Mouw
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Beautiful ❤️
All glory to God - I'm just the hand holding the pen.
So Beautiful ❤️
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