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Welcome to Harpazo Club. Feel free to introduce yourself. πŸ‘‹
Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. My wife and I are waiting for the shout ☝. Blessings to you all 😁
Hi all! New to the group but I'm looking forward to watching with all those "who love His appearing!" I'm a numbers guy, a visual learner, and I love searching through the Word to discover all the mysteries and blessings I can find and share them with others!

I'll be uploading a lot of things to share with things I've discovered that prove indeed that we're in the last days...literally lol
Hello Everyone! I'm Cindy and I'm live in Tennessee. I was saved early in life but my parents didn't always go to church. I have had a roller coaster life and only by the grace of God I now have a strong faith. I'm a wife and a homeschool mother of 3. I can't wait to be in His presence.
Hi Cindy, pleased to meet you, o so soon we will in Jesus' arms. Cindy my perspective this is really great and loving group/church ❀️
Good evening, everyone. I have just joined the Harpazo Club and, like you, awaiting our gathering together in the clouds with our Lord.
By way of introduction, I like to write and have written a couple of books on the times we are in. I have also written some devotional poetry - which has shocked those who knew me before I retired. An old computer programmer writing poetry....Christian poetry? Wish I had pictures of all those faces...
I am very much looking forward to diving in here and seein...  more
Hey All, My name is Johan, I am from the Niagara Region Canada. Lord Jesus walked into my life on May of 2000, 180β†ͺ️. Holy Spirit has been teaching me ever since 1 John 2:27. According to His will I pray, mainly during the night. All those years that I have prayed He has kept me in His Hiding place Psalm 32:7. Philippians 1:6. He has been Faithful to me. Though I have rebelled Daniel 9:9
Hello there ...Kim from I'm Melbourne Australia... Spiritfilled since 1994.
Am an Elder in various groups... Seasoned at developing Prayer strategies and engaging in Spirituual Warfare... most especially to bless marriages and families. Specifically teaching men and women how to pray for their wives, husbands and family, to maintain Godly and righteous alignment under the husbands spiritual covering. Have prayed for and with over 500 families and have seen marriages restored and strengthened, f...  more
Hi fam πŸ‘‹ apologies for seeing my face all around HC. I'm glad to connect with others who can also see that we are so close to the Lord's return! I want to do whatever He wants in the time we have before He comes, and spending time in this community is part of that. I've been seeking the Lord all my life, and He's shown His faithfulness more times than I can count. It hasn't been easy, I've had health trouble most of my life, and despite seeking it haven't seen healing yet. The hardships though h...  more