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Unusual 5.4 Earthquake in “Hope Bay”
Possible scenario 🤷‍♂️
- Ground invasion into Gaza
- An enemy of Israel attacks viciously
- The world abandons Israel so it defends itself in a major way
- The rapture happens
- The world is freaked out about what's going on. Many are confused and in denial. Their ears are itching for a solution.
- The AC shows up with false peace and lies, and the tribulation begins
What are everyone’s thoughts on the solar eclipse? It crosses right over Corpus Christi which means “Body of Christ”.

How do you interpret this?
This whole thing is about satan trying to possess Israel and set the stage for the false Messiah.

The world wants a worldly savior and satan wants the glory of Jesus Christ.

God will not allow that. He will intervene because Israel belongs to Him and His chosen.

He will take us out before judgement begins.
it's the purpose of the Lord that will stand.