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This is a message to the church, that I love, to those of us who can see that the beast system of Revelation 13 is rising in the earth.

I am just a person seeking God, humbly sharing and asking anyone reading to seek God for their own personal leading in how this applies to them. Some personal background; I have been largely isolated due to severe chronic illness for some years now. Amidst the removal of nearly every outside enjoyment, I have needed to seek God for my own surv...  more
Good one. I actually saw this the moment you posted it on your youtube wall.
Yes and amen Katie. May we BE READY at His appearing. Love this!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💯
Keen to know why we can expect Jesus’ return any day now? Listen to this episode and meet Faisal, the founder of Harpazo Club. Hear why he started it, and his current thoughts about it. Consider his perspective on why the current state of the church and the condition of the world encourage us to anticipate the appearing of Jesus Christ.
I hope y'all enjoyed… Just wanted to share that perspective. Thanks Katie
Hey Faisal!
I understand your perspective. We are all tried and weary and wanting to go home. Yes?
And yes. I completely agree, and it is obvious at this point that we need Jesus to come! Let's go Jesus!!!!! Let's go Jesus!!!!!
Thank you Faisal. It's my go to destination right now.
For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.
2 Cor 4:17

📷 Casey Horner
JD's Sermon today was pretty great. With all that is against peace and joy these days, Truth like this helps.
The Cross - A Poem by Susan Muow
  The Cross   The Cross stands alone at the top of the hill And in my dream, it is not made of wood But it is white, alabaster or perhaps marble It stands tall, high as a skyscraper...
By Rob Coscia

The ancient warrior quietly sheaths his sword, and turns to face the tomb at last. Eons beyond count he has defended creation and served its Creator, but the last few days have seemed an eternity by comparison. He has guarded Jesus from the moment he was in Mary's womb. Every angel has grieved the separation from the Son, but none have felt it like him. But that doesn't matter anymore. Every sorrow is about to be shattered. He wonders if the Roman guards with whom he has shared th...  more