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Posted by Robb on January 05 2023 at 06:45 PM
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The enemy we know attacks through other ways if we are strong in The Lord. You need to take authority. I have experience of my ex wife doing similar things. check out Dereks teachings. He is in Glory now but was a forerunner sent for us to learn from. many videos on warfare with the demonic. Which we all need to train in no matter what our calling is. Demonic forces are upon us greater than ever to attack us. Through people, our flesh or oppression. As has been said Gods grace is sufficient but ...  more
We ask that the Lord would rebuke the enemy in the Name above all names given…Jesus the Christ, and by His Blood!
Ephesians 6:12 says what we do NOT wrestle against, your wife for example who is flesh and blood. Yet it clearly says BUT against...we are to wrestle with them. If we do not we are sitting ducks. The Word does not lie my brother as you well know.
message me privately if you want to talk my brother.
Praying Robb 🙏🏻
God has you. You have a job to do. God put you in authority. It might get ugly, but ultimately, God wins. If it helps, I was once married to a Christian man who was very weak and would not stand up to me(before I gave all to Christ) - sometimes I wish that he would have fulfilled his role with strength because I would have grown then rather than later. 😔
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