I always wondered in churches why Revelation wasn't approached, it makes sense with denominational differences and a fear of misrepresenting symbolic language and not speculating where you get into the weeds and argue... But, for the individual Believer, there are good commentaries, and now good Youtube Bible Teachers who KNOW what they're teaching, and it should be a Book you approach with respect to our Lord's encouraging that we will be Blessed by it. Look around and look UP.
Most of Revelation is found in the Old Testament. Unless it is a known metaphor, take every word literally. Go to the original Greek as well (blue letter Bible app or site is good for beginners). Find what it means in the OT, and the passage will be very clear.
Do NOT trust guys on YouTube! Don’t trust anyone: read it for yourself or people will deceive you- especially true of Revelation
Hey fam. This is a photo of my bro Ebrima and his grandmother. Please Pray for Ebrima’s grandmother- she has a heart condition- I pray Psalm 73:26 “My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Leave a heart if you send love her way to the Father in Jesus’ name. Ebrima is 23, his mother died years back from Malaria and his dad left them and didn’t return. Ebrima could use prayer for his excited growing faith in Jesus. He has several younger siblings...  more
I have a friend who could use prayer, name is Andrew. It involves social media and some unwise posting- he is repentant and scared from being contacted. Prayers for it to end and be a learning and growing in the Lord experience. That the enemy would not be able to go further in any way. Thank you for caring! In Jesus’ name.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGH_UD8wKSs "Therefore encourage one another with these words." 1 Thess 4:18 "Repent and Believe the Gospel" (Mark 1:15) I've been following Bible Prophesy since 1997, I've chewed on A-Millennial views and I don't believe they are honest to what Scripture actually says in the whole council of God- Satan's deception is real and many exalt Church Tradition over Truth. You certainly can be BORN-AGAIN and not believe in coming prophesy, but you will miss out because o...  more
Prayers for all my brothers and sisters on here, your marriages, your families and your testimonies for Jesus Christ. I haven't been very active on here, but pray when I think of it <3
Prayer to the Father in Jesus name -goes over the devil’s head and his power - pray the Father sends workers into the harvest. That the hearts would be touched by the Holy Spirit to receive Christ with repentance. God might use your prayers to fulfill His will to save- even right now.
I think it’s good to ask the Lord for wisdom that will help us in times of need. We pray sometimes with doubt that it can be answered, but if it’s for His purposes He hears and will do it. And Holiness, Godliness with contentment might be scary to pray for because you don’t know what it might look like, but we want to be more ready for the King’s return- and we will have contentment if we pursue these words from 1 Timothy.
Hey all, I wanted to share this word I posted on Facebook. Copy it and make it your own if it would help you share the awesome God we serve with others. Excited each day with the Lord, which wasn’t always the case with my sinful background. Love in the Lord, Robb:

From my experience of reading the Bible- I didn’t always feel the “love” of Jesus that was in the 4 Gospels. It WAS absolutely there, but I connected far more with the books inspired by the Holy Spirit and penned by Paul. the Apostle ...  more
Before the Lord returns it’s important to confess and forsake what we know to be sinful. Also, this time is still a window of opportunity to share the Gospel! Communication will become difficult and I’m sure “Jesus” will simply be shadow banned or routed out of existence online. Pray the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God you share to its full. Praying
Bless you all, I did a 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 post…
I need prayer, wife has tarot cards- one of her friends is trying to undermine me- I get nightmares and it’s making sense now. No harsh rebukes needed here, I’m waiting because I don’t want to approach it in the flesh but get that junk out of the house- ughh, even confrontation can lead to a miracle
God has you. You have a job to do. God put you in authority. It might get ugly, but ultimately, God wins. If it helps, I was once married to a Christian man who was very weak and would not stand up to me(before I gave all to Christ) - sometimes I wish that he would have fulfilled his role with strength because I would have grown then rather than later. 😔