Yesterday morning, we woke up to no power. It's funny how you think of things you "can't live without" when you suddenly lose power. Of course, we're out in the country, so no power = no water = no coffee.  Ok Ok, I know I can't make coffee without power, but it was the first thing that came to mind. I call in the report to Aiken Power, then run up to the local truck stop to get some coffee for both of us. By the time I got the coffee and was on my way back home, Barry informed me the power was back on.
We had power this morning, but it has flickered on and off multiple times this morning. But, this morning we woke up to no water. As of this writing, it is dripping (about one drop every few minutes), but we don't yet know if any pipes are cracked or burst. Heaters in the pump house and underneath the house (where the water lines come up to the house) are running and hopefully, we'll have water again soon.
As I was getting frustrated over the inconvenience of all this, it occurred to me just how blessed we are. 50% of Ukraine is without power and if I think it's cold here, in Aiken, SC, then I wonder just how bad it is in the Ukraine.
This isn't a political statement. I don't care about the "rights" or "wrongs" of the war in the Ukraine. I don't care about which side is justified and which side is the aggressor. But I do care about all those people, who had no input into the decisions that brought about this devastation, but now have to suffer the consequences. I care about the children who are freezing and, probably, starving. I care about all those who are suffering.
Yes, I know this winter storm has caused devastation here in the US and there are families across the mid-west suffering. I care about them, too, but this storm shall pass. We don't know, and those who do know aren't telling, how long the "storm" in the Ukraine is going to continue.
All across the world tonight, people will be eagerly anticipating arising tomorrow morning to celebrate, in whatever way they choose, Christmas Day. But while we're anticipating the fulfillment of our "wish lists", many are just wishing for a warm place to lay their head and a warm meal to warm their body. Please remember them in your prayers tonight and tomorrow.
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Amen, Susan. Gratitude for things taken for granted and prayer for everyone in need today, including your water. Thank you for the reminder. 🙏🏻❤️
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