I’ve been wanting to do a fast and was wondering if anyone would like to join me. I thought I would do the Daniel Fast for 7 days
I was hoping we could meet each day on here and share our experiences and struggles.
Anyone got prayers to break soul ties??? Im in a big mess and need prayers please
Keep in mind some ties can be a location or an object such as a picture and frame or furniture, etc.
I keep getting this number over and over again, not sure why. Maybe someone in this community can translate it through prophecy?

Plus I live in Vancouver BC Canada and we never get hit this bad with winter weather. I just shoveled my driveway, took me well over an hour for a very small area and more snow is coming our way, with freezing pellets and freezing rain tonight

I had about 65 cm of snow on my Jeep and just cleared everything but tonight another 20-30 cm coming our way. I actually lov...  more
For those of us that have pets, here is what Dr.Billy Graham had to say about them joining us in heaven. If he believes it, then so do I. I have a year old Goldendoodle and can’t imagine him being left behind to suffer. I believe God is gracious enough to bring them too ✝️🙏✝️
I believe this, as well, though Scripture doesn't address it. Well, except that we know we'll all be riding back with Jesus on white horses! If horses are in Heaven, then why not our beloved dogs and cats and whatever other of God's creation we have let into our lives, our homes, and our hearts!
When everything you’ve got isn’t enough, he is!! 💙💙💙