My husband is out of work. Someone offered him and job and then revoked the offer. We have three children and just moved to a nice townhome. We have one vehicle. Please pray that he finds a good paying job ASAP. Thanks, friends.
Why was the offer revoked?

Heavenly Father I ask that you would provide work for this family and meet all their needs.

I ask in Jesus name. Amen
For those interested in deep teachings about the Millennial Reign and beyond, I highly recommend Dr. Andy Woods (pastor/teacher Sugar Land Bible Church). He has a background in law and has a doctorate in seminary studies. He’s very thorough and backs everything with scripture. He’s pre-trib and believes in OSAS (once saved, always saved). I believe our Father has definitely given him the gift of teaching.

I suggest to you the following YouTube videos:

Millennial Reign, Pt. 1  more
I often wonder what that day will be like, when we’re amongst our loved ones that have passed who also love the Lord and also amongst all the saints past. All of us, combined, praising God and His glorious Son, Jesus. What a day it will be…and to be amongst you all my dear brothers & sisters!
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