Look these videos up ASAP. It's all happening. These videos are showing biblical proof that 2030 is the year. All 53 prophecies line up with The Great Reset of 2030.

2023 End Times Prophecy revealed (70th week of Daniel revealed) It's 2030 See the Rock Island Books YouTube channel https://youtu.be/aw2p06bgyKg?si=l1wL6Dk5hpfg9y85

Hosea Prophecy and the year 2030 See the Larry Fife YouTube channel https://youtu.be/hrUxVc16Xl8?si=UgucsoNIwj54ntG1

Messiah 2030 - The prophetic messianic timelin...  more
Bill Gates patented #060606 the Mark of the Beast from Revelation 13. Watch Pope Francis and his lies: The False Prophet Exposed on YouTube