Some dear brother wanted to be friends and I dropped him by mistake! Come on back!
You are doing well! Greetings from the Netherlands
I just made a 26 minute evangelistic video how beautifully describes a pre-tribulation rapture, and the present taking over of the nations by AI. I’d like to get some opinions on it and maybe what kind of people would benefit from it. It is very unusual and powerful.
Sounds wonderful when my son gets up I'll ask him where I view this 😅 thank you
I am almost 82 years old and I’m having a lot of trouble with this app. It doesn’t seem to line up with my intuition. Oh, how to get around on it somebody could help me. Hopefully I’d be thankful.
I'm 58 Christmas Eve and I have to have my adult children do everything especially on IG 😅 and Twitter they post crop
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