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This WARNING video will be released on all our social media channels. Everyday at noon (12 PM CST). If you would like feel free to share this WARNING video or make your own. The purpose of...



We WILL sadly leave behind family & friends when we LEAVE

because they refused to listen to our WARNING

KNOW one day MILLIONS of people will suddenly DISAPPEAR

ALL the CHILDREN around the world WILL mysteriously VANISH

One day we WILL BE GONE

In The Event known as THE RAPTURE

And those who remain after The...  more
You are not alive by accident, you were created for a purpose. God didn’t create you just to fill the earth w/ people God has a plan for you.

When God formed you in your mother’s womb God had a plan for your life. And when you accept Jesus FREE gift & Invite Jesus in your life. Then God gives you a new heart. Then God begins to mold you into who He created you to be.

Say you want to build a house with legos. When you dump legos on the table it doesn’t look like a house does it? No, you have to...  more
Just remember Jesus is coming back soon to set up His earthly Kingdom. The requirement to enter The Kingdom is that we must be absolutely perfect without sin.

We like to think that one sin is not as bad as another. We think a white lie is not as bad as murder. Even a non-believer if you witness to them they will say they are a good person that they never killed anyone.

God doesn’t see our sins like that. God sees all our sins as equal a white lie is equally as bad as murder.

What does that me...  more
Now you may not ever want to know Jesus because you’ve heard someone in church or a Christian say do this/don’t do that & it makes you feel like “I don’t want to be a part of that”.

Forget all those things you’ve heard before about all those do this/don’t do that Religion/Man will bind you in chains with these do this/don’t do. Because religion is man trying to be good enough to get to God.

I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about how you can be saved. Religion will put you in chains ...  more
Just knowing who Jesus is & what Jesus did on The Cross is like me giving you a bottle of water. The bottle of water is in your hand unopened. Are you still thirsty?

Even though you are holding the bottle you still have to do your part to open it & drink it.

Jesus' sacrifice on The Cross was like handing you the bottle of water. You have to do your part. Believe in Him. When you have Jesus in your heart you talk to Him in prayer you read His Word The Bible you put Jesus first. Before your fami...  more
There is a big difference between knowing who Jesus is in your mind & having Jesus in your heart.

Just knowing Jesus is like sending a celebrity a message on social media. There's a big difference between sending a message on social media & knowing that celebrity personally. You don't eat meals together, watch movies together. Just like with the celebrity there’s a big difference between knowing Jesus intellectually knowing what Jesus did on The Cross & Jesus being in your heart.

Maybe you wen...  more