Great video by Susan H Mouw - Why study bible prophecy?

1) It is important to God (1/3 of the bible is prophecy)
2) To guard against fear (we have access to joy in anticipation of redemption)
3) To discern the signs of the times (that day shall not overtake you as a thief, watch and be sober)
4) To study the whole counsel of God (all scripture is God-breathed)
5) Proves the existence of God through fulfilled prophecy (eg Is 44 & 45 prophesies Cyrus taking over Babylon before Cyrus was even born)
6) Jesus is prophecy, and prophecy is Jesus (testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy)
7) Because the time is now (God told Daniel, close up the words until the time of the end) 
8) For those that are left behind (to learn these things were foretold, and come to saving belief in Jesus Christ)
9) We are called to be watchmen (Ez 33:2-3, to sound the alarm)
10) The only book that gives a blessing for reading and understanding (Rev 1:3)
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Thank you, Katie Duncan! <3
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