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Switch to 'dark mode' under the drop down arrow if you prefer a darker interface
Just a suggestion for everyone. Consider going into your profile settings and doing two things. 1) Setting your full name to your real name (if you want to), or if you don't want to do that, you can skip to suggestion number 2) Set a custom URL for yourself that includes your full name. God revealed to me that this platform could potentially be used as a way for people to know where you went after the rapture, and that surely it wasn't "aliens" or whatever bizarre excuse that will come up. Of co...  more
You can now add your favourite Bible verse to your profile page:
Tips for the iOS app, if press your profile image it will open a menu. To close the menu, click on your profile image again.

If you want to open a youtube link or presumably any other posted link and have it open outside of the app, you can hold down on the link and it will give you an option to “open link”.
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