It’s been awhile and I wanted to send a reminder and another link for a large amount of Left Behind Information. If you go to this page (it takes a few seconds to open), look at all of the links at the BOTTOM Of The Page. There are Left Behind letters, videos, Tribulation Survival Manuals in many languages and a lot more. Please use share the data our time left to do so Is growing short. May I suggest subscribing to that page so you can find it easily again. Also, the newest Left Behind movie an...  more
For anyone interested I have over 50 gigabytes of Left Behind material at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to use anything. No credit is needed. I especially recommend the editable Left Behind Letter and the 4 different “Tribulation survival manuals” located at various links. I would recommend saving the link or subbing to the page or sharing it out. The links are at THE BOTTOM of the PAGE.
I don’t think we have much time left.
End Time Warrior - YouTube
ALL those watching realize we are at the Tribulation's doorstep. Please share this info & the links below and at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE with...
Hey Marc! It might of been dealing with my phone but it was hard to find your channel, as if Youtube was making direct URLs difficult?? who knows... I was trying to start a HUB site to link to from my instagram, it's basically a draft version at this point but viewable, I added your drive link and intend to get your materials downloaded (thank you for providing in such a time as this for the Lord!) I linked to your drive at:  more
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Welcome. This HUB is for new believers in Jesus Christ- To have a starting page to learn about core principles of the Christian Faith. The linked...
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