Faisal and Katie Duncan I love the vision and the follow through that you both have shown to bring about first The Harpazo Club and now the podcasts. Well done!!! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this!❤️
It's incredible how equipped they are to implement the beast system through technology like this
I saw a posting about seeing circles in the sky. I saw that last night. It was some sort of light that was over our house and our neighbors house and I never could identify the source. It lasted for at least a half hour possibly longer. It was cold and I went back inside.@katie Duncan (I wanted to comment under your post but for some reason wasn’t able to?)
Also, I thought I joined several groups, but it looks like only one of them shows me🤷🏻‍♀️
The blood moon is scheduled to begin in less than 14 hours, according to Timeanddate.com

The number is very significant and it has a special significance to the Jews
It is based on the fact that the original language of Hebrew was 18 letters and not 22 letters
Anyway, the Jews have many traditions that remind them of the significance of the number 18: they will give gifts in increments of 18, and when orthodox women bake challah bread they have to have the dough processed within 18 minutes etc. this type of thing is done so that they remember the original 18 letters
But… T...  more
Faisal Alsarraf I am trying to figure out how to share an article but for some reason I haven’t figured out how to send a link on this server. Any tips on how to do this? There isn’t an icon that is showing up so I am not able to figure this out
Yea, there won’t be an icon for this platform to share, because it’s just not a large recognized platform. If you can just copy the url to the article, you can paste the url and it should work.
So I have been seeing several articles pointing to King Charles as a solid candidate for the A/C. Anyone have any thoughts on this?🤔
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